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Teacher Development in Southampton

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The Professional Offer

There are CPD programmes to support your development throughout your career

Many of the senior and executive leaders in Southampton have grown from within the City; their progress is testament to the many opportunities available for talented and ambitious teachers.

NQT/RQT Programme

An extra layer of support for new teachers

The NQT/RQT Programme is an additional programme of support for newly and recently-qualified teachers.  Working with others from schools across the City, teachers focus on fine-tuning their practice with respect to differentiation, behaviour management, effective teaching strategies and more. They also have the opportunity to observe other new teachers in different contexts, thus developing observation skills and providing new tools for self-evaluation and reflective practice.

Aspiring Middle Leaders' Programme

Developing talent from within

Through the Operations Group strategic work on Continuing Professional Development, SEF offers an Aspiring Middle Leaders' Programme, This programme provides opportunity for aspirational teachers who aspire to lead in their schools/colleges to work with other teachers on areas of interest and relevance to middle leadership roles.

Led by experienced senior leaders and using a combination of group work, presentation and professional discussion, colleagues will focus on key leadership concepts, such as the nature of the team, fulfilling HR obligations, interpreting data and the story it reveals, managing difficult conversations, to name several. Teachers have the opportunity to hear from others and to bring their own insights to the discussions.

Aspiring Senior Leadership Programme

Moving into senior leadership and management

This programme is aimed at experienced and successful middle leaders who are looking for opportunities to progress to senior leadership, but who still require experience of whole-school approaches to leading and managing.

The programme provides senior leadership experience, as candidates are seconded to their respective school/college senior leadership teams for half a term and then to a host school/college senior leadership team for another half term, to provide experience of leadership and management in a range of contexts.  These two 'placements' will also help to gather information and data for the Research Project.

The Research Project requires participants to lead a whole-school/college research project, the focus of which is identified in the application proposal.  It will most likely link to an area of further development in the candidate's home school/college, and the outcome should ultimately benefit both home and host contexts.

Participants are provided with a coach in their home school/college, and a mentor in their host school/college.

The programme operates over seven half-terms and is the fruit of a partnership of Southampton secondary schools, FE colleges and the University of Southampton's School of Education.