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Matrix Cyber Challenge

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Matrix Cyber Challenge 2020

Launching in January 2020

In January 2020 the Matrix Challenge launches UK wide. This is a national FREE cyber security challenge offered to all young people between the ages of 11 and 17 who are resident in the UK. The challenge is designed to test digital skills and encourage the development of abilities that would enable a career in the cyber security landscape.

This is a national game with the regional host being the South East Regional Cyber Choices Team.

The competition is split into two age groups: 11-14 years and 15-17 years. The challenge can be played as part of a school lesson or as an extra-curricular activity. Alternatively, it can be set as homework or a personal challenge to be completed at home.

The initial challenge is on an online platform:; participants will be able to complete it from Monday 20th January to Thursday 14th February 2020.

The game takes around 35 minutes to complete, and there are 5 elements of cyber skill tested: The Computer Misuse Act 1990; staying safe online; steganography; python coding and a cipher.  

Over 100,000 pupils nationwide are expected to participate in this game, and  the South East region hopes to produce a large proportion of this figure. The top 40 scoring participants from the online competition will be invited, with their parents, to a regional semi-final event which will take place by the 30th March 2020, at which they will showcase their cyber skills before an experienced group of cyber professionals and participate in further technological activities. These may include further tests of practical skills, such as ‘capture the flag’ style competitions, a team building exercise and puzzle solving skills.

Regional semi-final winners will be invited to compete at the National Final on 4th July 2020.  Again, a range of activities will test the participants, including open source social media, drone capture, lock picking and team events. Winners will receive valuable tech prizes, so remind your students to compete from 20th January 2020. Visit the website for additional resources and information that further explains the Matrix Challenge: